Victor Blomberg

Personal projects


CLI utility to import photos from MTP devices (like Android), and organize them by timestamp
(C#, .NET Framework)


Command line parsing, either into a simple string array, or a step further into a set of commands, options, flags and arguments
(C#, .NET Standard)

Far & Flyg

Simple web app for Styr & Ställ, a public bicycle rental service in Göteborg, Sweden. Lists all stations, and number of available bikes and stands, in real-time
(still using jQuery!)


Automagically generates the Nerven website, fetching most data from GitHub, and also generates the Nerven logo and all Nerven project logos
(C#, .NET Framework)


Embed PowerShell scripts inside batch scripts


Receive email notifications on new Slack messages
(C#, .NET Framework)


Parse arbitrary strings from e.g. a configuration file or user input into the desired .NET type, with nullable/enum/.NET primitives support and easily extended
(C#, .NET Standard)


Schedule Tasks to run at certain intervals, daily at certain times or using custom schedules, built with reliability and performance in mind
(C#, .NET Standard)